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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 16.(End)
Here lies Lulu Ningyō.
2001 - 2014
I stare at the writing on the headstone, an agonizing silence present in the air. The soft breeze moving delicately through my hair, as leaves fall from the branches of nearby trees, twisting and turning like mini ballerina's as they land on the ground softly and silently. The few flowers placed on the grave already withering away, their petals darkening and rotting, slowly dying until they reach their end.
"...I won't be sorry Lulu...Because I can't be anymore. The more I try and take back the humanity I once had the more pain I seem to cause." I say my voice slightly monotone as I pause in my speech almost like I expect her to answer me back. If I could cry I would, but I can't. I have shed too many tears; I don't deserve to cry anymore. A monster like me doesn't deserve to have that sweet mercy. I kneel down in front of the grave and take something out of my coat, a doll. The one she would always talk about when we w
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 15.
Opening the window I slip through it, my knife in my pocket, ready to spill their blood. Silently I get through and walk through Maria's bedroom door, not waking her up at all. Going into the hall and walking towards their bedroom only for a child of about twelve to walk in front of me, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
"W-who are you?" He stutters; dark circles around his eyes as he almost falls back with surprise of me being there. I walk up to him and kneel down, hushing him.
"It's ok...I'm here to help," Slowly bringing out the knife. "Now please close your eyes and relax and soon...You'll be release from all this pain..." He is about to scream for help when I pierce his throat with my knife, blood trickling out the side of his mouth as he drops to the floor dead, blood pooling around his corpse as I get up and open the door to my parents room. A small line of light enters into the dark room. Two bumps under the covers of the bed, softly moving up and down as they breathe. The light bo
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 14.
"Come on let's climb higher!" Lulu shouts, sitting on a tree branch as I sit just a little higher up. Her doll in one of her hands, as she holds onto the branch with the other.
"No, you could fall and get hurt." I reply "I won't be able to catch you like last time."
"Come on please, just a little higher" She pleads, giving me puppy dog eyes.
I sigh and stare at her, giving her a blank expression. Knowing that she won't get what she wants, but still she continues to look cute to get what she wants. I jump down onto the branch she is sitting on, making it bend slightly with both our weights now on it.
"I'm not going to take you any higher Lulu."
"Please Senpai" She says, using her nickname for me. She told me it's Japanese and while I don't question her on why she calls me that I do find it kind of cute at times.
"No, now stop asking. It's getting dark so I better get you home." I say picking up off the branch and jumping down, landing completely fine and then setting her down onto the f
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 13.
Blood. So much of that sweet crimson liquid splattered against the walls as I lick my claws to clean them of blood. A grin plastered on my face as I giggle, getting up off my knees and making my way to the open window, away from the corpses. Their faces twisted into those final moments of terror, organs littered around, leaving it in a bloody mess as I jump out of the window and into the cold comforting embrace of the shadows.
My eyes flutter open as I remember the murders I committed last night, sighing in frustration as I believed that after I had set alight the asylum, my need for murder would stop. But I was wrong so very wrong. The town right now that I am based at is one very familiar to me, because this is the town where I used to live before I was sold to the freak-show. I am able to remember every single detail somehow. But I still haven't got the courage to see what has become of my family, should I be angry? Happy? Revengeful? I don't know. All I know is I had to find out wh
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 12.
Hiding for days now, waiting for a chance for revenge. After escaping I have to hide because they sent guards after me. But that didn't matter, the forest surrounding the asylum worked as perfect cover while it was easy to gather food from the small town near it. Leaning up against a nearby tree I twirl the knife around, feeling a little bored but knowing it won't be long till I can get my revenge. Licking off the blood from the knife I slip it back into my pocket, still in my straitjacket but able to move my arms I quite like it now, it's so comfy. Just maybe it needs a couple of changes and it will be perfection. Over these last few days however I have been collecting fuel, and also a lighter...I'm going to purify that place...In fire and fury...
Watching as the light soon fades I carry the fuel to the asylum, the knife in my pocket ready to slit the throats of the vermin that try to stop me from achieving my goal. Eventually able to throw them over the fence, next I jump over it. My
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 11.
~A couple of months later~
Over the months my mind degraded bit by bit, at times I was unable to define the difference between food and a human. They fed me so little and such shit food that I had started to crave human flesh. Along with the constant electroshock therapy, the injections and medicine, it had all contributed in cracking me. But still despite all that I keep clawing back my sanity, not wanting to become like my dad or the others.
My body feels heavy as the strait jacket I had been wearing when I first got here had been replaced with one with more restraints. My ankles had chains around them, keeping me from moving too close to the door. And to top it all off they had put something around my jaw, it kept it slightly open but it was tightly clamped, so any rough movement could possible rip my mouth open so it would be touching my ears if I started to try and either pull it off of pull away from my chains, it would form this massive grin that would remind me of Jeff. All the
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 10.
My head is pounding as I wake up, my mouth dry and my bones are aching as I try and move my arms, but I can't. I keep struggling for a moment, my breathing heavy as my vision starts to clear the sleep from my eyes. The room a dark grey, as my bare feet are touching the floor I feel how soft it is...almost padded...What is this place? I sit up, still unable to move my arms. But when I look down I see I am wearing a strait jacket, I remember these from the freak-show. It was a punishment for not learning a trick properly, so they said I have to get out of it myself. I start to struggle to get out of it, but unlike the one at the freak-show this one was made to be very strong. I then stop struggling when I hear keys being pushed into the lock, the door opening as a light come in, almost blinding me.
"Ah...I see your awake...Miss Scarlet" The pretty young lady says, pushing a small cart of things into the room, closing the door behind her as she smiles warmly at me.
"Who are you? Where am
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 9.
"I don't want to be a killer!" I shout at my dad, drawing everyone's attention as moments ago we were talking normally until he brought up the subject of when I watched him kill that child. Something I have been feeling guilty about for since then.
"What do you mean you don't want to be a killer!?" He says shouting back as everyone watches, unable to decide whether to intervene or not.
"I don't want to kill anyone! I don't like it!" I shout.
He grabs my shoulders and looks me in the eyes, "But you have so much talent at it. You would be perfect at it. You have a natural born gift at it. I can sense it." He says, "Stop talking crazy. It's what you want to do, isn’t it?"
I pull away from him, "Did you ever stop to think that isn't what I want!? I don't want to be a killer!" There is a long pause, as everything seems to stop as he just stares at me, "...You’re a monster..." I finally say.
There is silence for a moment before a grin spreads on his face, "...And you’re the
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 8.
~Couple of weeks later~
"...No" I reply lying on the sofa reading a book, trying to concentrate on it. Because of my lack of education I decided to teach myself. So I thought I can learn to read, finding a book on philosophy very interesting.
"You need to get your nose out of that book for a second...come got to see what it's like to kill at some point why not now..." Isaac says pulling on my arm. "Just come with us once and you will see what's like. I know you will love it."
"I said no." I answer back angrily, getting annoyed by his constant asking. As I turn to a new page, and pulling it closely to my face trying to read while blocking out his constant asking.
"Isaac, Jeff is asking where you are..." My dad says teleporting into the room.
"Ok, we are not done talking about this." Isaac says, walking out the room. Letting me believe I can continue to read without distraction. But I seemed to be unlucky, because my dad started to pester me about it, everyone seem
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 7.
I go straight to bed, finding a t-shirt to sleep in, thinking I'll just sleep in that and panties. I quickly change into that and slip under the covers and try to go to sleep. I find it hard to because a storm starts outside, the window panes rattling as the rain pounds against the glass. I turn over in my sleep, the curtains slightly open letting me watch as the rain falls. My eyes adjusting to the darkness of my room, so I can just see the outline of things. I then suddenly hear shouting downstairs; I quickly pull on the skinny jeans from before and go downstairs.
I almost laugh when I get downstairs though as I look at all the soaked killers downstairs. In the living room stands Jeff, Clockwork, Toby, Jane and Isaac, all completely soaked. A small giggle escapes my lips. Toby starts to shake himself like a wet dog, the rest of them shouting their protests as it soaks them. This makes me laugh a little more. Clockwork looks at me in anger; I swear I hear her growl a little.
"What are
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 6.
I lay there for at least an hour before my door is opened suddenly and I see Clockwork walk in, grabbing me by the front of my shirt, leaning close to my face.
"You little piece of shit. If you think I'm going to let you just become part of the 'family' then you’re sadly mistaken." She spat, the flames of fury raging on in her green eye, making her anger at me obvious...but I was confused on what I had done to make her so angry at me.
"W-what?" I stutter a little taken back by this sudden assault.
"You know what I'm talking about, you come in here smiling and be nice...expecting to be just accepted...No way am I letting some wannabe bitch come in here and ruin everything. So even do anything remotely annoying to piss me off and I will make sure you don't leave here alive." She snarls letting go of my shirt, letting me fall back onto the bed listening to the door slam shut as she leaves. I stare up at the ceiling, what just happened? Why? What did I do? It seems like everything pi
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 5.
"Firstly you can meet the boys that are around your age, some of the people in the hall of portraits don't live here all the time, so you can meet them when they actually come to the mansion. They should be in the gaming room." He says; we walk until we stop in front of a door, shouting can be heard on the inside. He opens it and goes in, I follow him.
When we go in the first thing I see are three boys, I look at each and know who they are from the paintings. They all sat around this TV playing video games, screaming insults at each other and overreacting to every little thing.
"BEN YOU FUCKING CHEATER" Jeff screams throwing the controller at Ben.
"CAN'T TAKE IT MOTHERFUCKER" He laughs dodging the controller and kicking Jeff off the sofa and onto the floor.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU WANNA FIGHT!?" Jeff growls and then gets up onto his feet bringing out a knife.
"ANYTIME ANY PLACE ASSHOLE!" Ben shouts back standing up to.
"Would you two calm down? You’re both acting like children."
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 4.
I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud as I wake up, my body shifting as my eyes flutter open. A small sigh of happiness escaping my lips, feeling well rested and relaxed I sit up. But it wasn’t my cage, which confuses me for a moment until I remember everything. I shake a little, gripping the bed covers. I look around the room; it is very plain, only having a couple of basic things in. I feel a little anxious to who brought me here, but as I see a plate of food next to bed, and my stomach growling and begging for food I forget about the fact I shouldn't eat what a stranger has given me and begin to wolf down the food. The flavour exploding in my mouth as I quickly finish the food, setting down the plate I sigh happily and lie back down and rest, my bones aching a little.
I then notice a small head pop up from the side of my bed, watching me with fascination as I see it is a little girl. She had bright green eyes that glinted with curiosity. Long brown curly hair fell just past her
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 3.
I jolt awake as a scream of despair and horror rips through the air, waking everyone in the camp. I sit up and go to the edge of the cage and look out, people rushing out of their trailers to see the commotion. The sky orange as the sunlight just breaks through the trees, but the area still in shadows as people enter the trailer. The doctor rushing into the trailer, as the ringmaster clears out people from the surrounding area, getting ready to move out again.
"I can't believe Leon killed himself and Harry" one of the performers says, his face pale, as he grabs a box his hands tremble.
"Just forget about it's all we can do..." His friend says carrying things to the back of the trailer.
I found out later what had happened. Apparently one of the performers that had gotten sick had taken a knife to himself and when one of the others had tried to stop him he got stabbed too. Then the one that was still alive started writing on the walls in blood. People saying it had sa
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 2.
I shift as my body is kicked hard into the bucket of water, feeling the ice cold liquid then splash onto me making me yelp in surprise. Only laughter followed as I it up drenched, my clothed clinging to my body.
"We are moving out soon" The ringmaster called out from his tent, the performers that were supposed to feed me but instead decided to kick me around looking back and listening before quickly dispersing. They drop the bread in front of my cage, so I reach through the bars to grab it, my claws trembling as I pick it up. Retreating back under the old covers I eat the bread, not wanting to get cold, I wrap them around me as best as I can. Those people from last night are still playing in my mind, the conversation we had, what did they mean? What did they want? As I look around I see things are being packed up, ready to move out I suppose.
"Hey you heard about where we are travelling to?" One of the crew members says to the other.
"Yeah, aren't we going to somewhere called Slender w
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Laughing Jack's Prodigy. ~Book 1~ Chapter 1.
"Step right up folks to see something that not even doctors can explain, a monster so real that you better keep your children close at hand! I present to you all LAUGHING SCARLET!" the ring master bellowed as the cover of my cage is ripped off, letting the bright lights blind me as the crowd gasps in both horror and excitement. I squint a little and I can make out the outlines of the crowd, a moment of pure silence before the crowd erupts into applause. Their taunting a blur among the clapping, I get up, my cage specially designed the hold such a tall person like me. The crowd seems to go wild at me actually moving, stepping right to the front of the cage so I am in full view, looking at the crowd, the painted grins on their faces, the obnoxious laughter and the sound of the ringmaster telling them all the lies about me. None of them even remotely true, making me seem like the monster in this circus, when the real one was the one outside the cage tricking the people willing to pay to g
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United Kingdom
Welcome to my page.
On here I go by the name of Laughing Scarlet, LS, Scarly or Scar. Or your own nickname. So in my gallery I will be posting stories, which you can find on my Quotev. So I hope you enjoy reading my page.
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So I am doing goretober this year, but it won't be uploaded onto here. So if you would like to check it out you can find links to my fanfiction and archiveofourown on my profile.…
Anyone who is a fan of the Cirque Du Freak Saga by Darren Shan should take the time to read this and share it around. The petition is getting so close to getting all the signatures it needs to get a possible netflix series. We could finally have a proper adaption, unlike the movie that was released a few years ago.
That moment when you realise all your old stories are up on here, and become embarrassed with the bad quality of them XD
RiddleDragon tagged me.
No one better tag me again, I don't want to do these Q~Q


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  1. My real name isn't Scarlet.
  2. My first OC I made was Laughing Scarlet.
  3. I have vertigo, which disturbs my life on random days and causes me to stay inside.
  4. I have a lot of manga.
  5. I have watched 84 different animes (wow...I have no life.)
  6. I hope to be a professional author one day.
  7. I have 5 dogs.
  8. I am British.
  9. I am 5'8ft tall.
  10. I definitely don't get enough sleep. Some nights I only get 3 hours sleep, yeah I need to work on that.
  11. My favourite genre of books/manga/anime is horror.
  12. I am in the creepypasta fandom, so my favourite characters are Laughing Jack, Homicidal Liu and Offenderman.
  13. I want to be as successful as J K Rowling if I ever finish my novel, although I doubt that will happen.

RiddleDragon questions:

  1. Last thing you drank in the last 48 hrs.?
  2. Who is your favorite DeviantArtist?
This is so hard. Well it would have to be between Kyoichii or Gingie-Liu.
  3. Favorite video game character?
Alice, from Alice: Madness Returns.
  4. Jawbreaker or Yellow Banana?
Jawbreaker I guess...I don't really like either.
  5. Digital or Traditional? 
I dunno, digital I guess. They're both great.
  6. Scariest moment?
When I have sleep paralysis, which can happen often.
  7. Favorite piece of art?
Afterglow From Below by NanoMortis.

  8. Best snack while drawing/playing video games?
  9. What position did you sleep in last night? /I'm not creepy/
On my back.
  10. What song did you listen to that was SO annoying that it is now stuck in your head?
Baby by Justin Bieber. I just don't like it.
  11. What are you procrastinating on?
Homework...I should really do it.
  12. Do you like nature and sunlight?
Nature is okay, I just don't like the sun. It's too bright!
  13. How about star gazing; favorite constellation? 
I like stargazing, but I don't really have a favourite.




  1. How has your day been so far?
  2. Do you watch anime?
  3. If you do, what is your favourite anime?
  4. Favourite song?
  5. Favourite band?
  6. What is your dream job?
  7. If you could have any pet what would it be?
  8. Sexuality? (I'm bisexual if you wanted to know.)
  9. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
  10. What country would you like to visit?
  11. Favourite pokemon? (If you play the game.)
  12. Yaoi or yuri?
  13. Favourite online comic?


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